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Hand Knitted Toys

All of these toys are hand knitted in 100% organic cotton. These are all induvidual one of toys, with no two the same. they are stuffed with toy safe stuffing and can be washed safely.

They are between 12cm (Little mice) and 24cm (larger purple Bunny) in size.

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Bearnard Bear   Marty Mouse   Timmy Mouse   Berty Mouse
Benji Bunny   Teething Doll 1   Teething Doll 2   Cindi Bear
Snowy Bear   Barny Bear   Billy Bunny   Suzie Bunny
Marty Mouse   Jojo Bunny   Snowy Mouse   Dippy Dog
Brian Bunny   Limi Bunny   Maty Mouse   Jinty Bunny
Aubry Bunny   Billy Bunny   Pinky Bunny    


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