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The real "Glesga Hoosewives"!

These are for Big Girls. I think they will be able to remember someone whom these dolls will remind them of! Me, the wrap around pinny is how I remember my Granny!

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Glesga Wifies 1 and 2
Glesga Wifie with curlers
Glesga Wifie-Mrs Maryhill
Glesga Wifie-Mrs Milngavie
Shopping Buddies!
Curlers and wrap-around pinnie, just like Granny!
Glesgsa Wifies - Mrs Maryhill
Glesga Wifies-
Mrs Milngavie
Glesga Wifie-Mrs Kelvinside
Glesga House Wifie
Glesga Wifie Sunday Best
Glesga Wifie-Mrs Shopping
Glesga Wifie- Harris Tweed Bag, Uggboots...
Mrs Kilvinside
Glesga Wifie-
Mrs House wife
Glesga Wifie-
Mrs Sunday Best
Glesga Wifie-
Mrs Shopping

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