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Dolls for Big Girls!

Well not really! But there are some of them that would suit grown ups better!

They vary in size from 18cm (LadyBug) to 64cm (Blue Jacket)

These are nordic style dolls and are all individual and completely unique. Each doll as been made completely by hand and the clothes made just for her, hand knitted and sewn. I will add more as they evolve!

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Two of these dollies are going to be raffled for charity, one at The Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club Bazaar on Sunday the 2nd November and the other at the Hermitage Accademy Christmas Fair on Saturday the 15th Novembe

Madam Paris
Green Bathing Belle
Madam Paris
Lovey Bug
Bathing Belle No1
Red Bathing Belle
Bathing Belle No2
Sleepy Sue
Chef Kate
Sweater Socks
Second Hand Rose
Winder Wendy
Denim Dora
Second Hand Rose
Lilac Boots
glesga Wifie No1
Glesga Wifie No2
Betty Boots
Glesga Wifie No1
Glasga Wife No2

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